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Sample Lens Analysis Essay

Test Lens Analysis EssaySample focal point investigation paper is composed by giving the crude and moment subtleties of test focal point that are to be glanced through. The exposition will have an example focal point indicating the different styles. These composing tips are useful the greatest number of understudies would now be able to focus on that part. The example focal point investigation article will give them additional time and skill in the genuine examination.Every understudy who needs this sort of test is a fundamental style of the perspective and structuring about focal points. They can undoubtedly find in the past that the essential style of focal points has been consistently with us. In this way, in the event that they study the fundamental utilization of these sorts of focal points, they will make certain to exceed expectations in the forthcoming examination.The most significant factor that can impact the acknowledgment of the example is the measure of data in it. It wi ll require some information about focal points and its utilization. It will be essential to take a gander at the arrangement of data that is written in the exposition and choose whether they are identified with their specific focal points. There are a few hints to do likewise. The example probably won't be sufficient for the whole testing yet in certainty it will make you study it.In the examples, you can see the viable tips for you to discover the best in the training. There are numerous genuine models that will tell you the best way to utilize the focal points. This will make your errand easier.You should discover a particular kind of these composing tips for improving your composition. The tip that you will discover in the article ought to be identified with the explanation for the assessment. By taking a gander at it, you will know the subject of the assessment. At the point when you come to a meaningful conclusion, you would then be able to proceed onward to the next.By making the right sort of detail, you will have the option to keep away from certain blunders in the paper. With this, you can put forth a valiant effort while composing the article. On the off chance that you need to compose quite well, it will be something imperative to accomplish for the assessment. This will acquire you achievement the examination.Keeping the correct disposition and concentrating on subtleties will assist you with composing a decent investigation. On the off chance that you do this, you will have the option to come out with the best article that will likewise give you the best position. This is one of the most significant hints for the article writing to make the most ideal.

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The Dirty Truth About Sample College Term Paper

<h1> The Dirty Truth About Sample College Term Paper</h1> <h2> The One Thing to Do for Sample College Term Paper </h2> <p>Free understudy papers can be exceedingly valuable in such examination. Article Writing Services Students from everywhere throughout the planet, including nations like Australia and Canada, are looking for a reasonable example school paper position exposition composing administration that may support them. Free book reports are offered from various sources. For instance, a totally free book report will offer a sign of book report structure. </p> <p>Knowing the lawfulness of the association you're buying the example paper is vital. You can make yours extraordinary on the off chance that you get a paper achieved by a master on the web. In the event that you think expounding on an exploration paper is just about social occasion important materials and duplicate gluing then in another record, you're mixed up. Free research pro ject composing never offers quality help, there are no certifications, and there's no author accessible for you to get help from. </p> <h2>What the In-Crowd Won't Tell You About Sample College Term Paper </h2> <p>In the occasion you require any adjustments in your paper after it's finished you can request free update. It's energizing that you absolutely never comprehend what you'll discover. Understudies ought to stay sure the thoroughly free papers they're utilizing are exact, higher caliber, and contain the best possible organizing requirements.</p> <p>Students may likewise need to check reality of the proposals before they use them. They may need to compose reports for any subject that they're taking in school. They additionally utilize free proposition models for some reasons. They have occupied existences and regularly disregard a forthcoming cutoff time. </p> <h2>The Good, the Bad and Sample College Term Paper </h2> <p&g t;An plot is probably going to cause your composition to go significantly more easily and rapidly. The arrangement to be utilized is dictated by the subject that you have picked. Understudies ought to stay cognizant that articles and research papers have their own one of a kind special arrangements and sorts of substance. APA style is practically identical to MLA examine paper positions, despite the fact that there are a couple of critical and vital contrasts. </p> <p>Normally the configuration following comprises a considerable bit of the evaluation, which is the reason so as to see high outcomes understudies have as acquainted with significant style eccentricities and should tail them to the speck. For understudies to find the assets that are perfect for them, they need to decide the motivation behind why they should have a research paper for nothing out of pocket and what they will utilize it for. A few understudies may utilize a complimentary research project as an a pproach to learn all the more with respect to the reasonable organization. Different understudies may utilize totally free research projects to have the option to find out about the substance which ought to be remembered for their own one of a kind archive. </p> <h2> Sample College Term Paper - the Story</h2> <p>Buying an examination paper test for school accommodation is among the alternatives. Handling a fabulous entry level position for an understudy is a phenomenal way to prepare for the difficulties of life after the college. You could be contemplating why undergrads would choose to buy school papers online when they can do it autonomously. Now and then different understudies should take a look at your research paper to get thoughts. </p> <h2>The Pain of Sample College Term Paper </h2> <p>The article is the sole open door at which you can exhibit your interests and unmistakable voice that set you apart from the rest of the piece o f the candidate pool. In case of a lengthier task, test is hard to envision a fruitful creative cycle without any hindrances in the occasion the diagram is absent. It is conceivable to glance through the above-offered one to locate an unpleasant thought of the manner by which a blueprint should be organized and what are its crucial segments. Cause the peruser to accept the example paper remembers the helpful subtleties for the suitable issue and matters term the advancement of science. </p> <p>A totally free report varies from an altered article in different manners. An absolutely free exposition on the web is frequently introduced as a model for understudies uncertain of how to create an article or the best approach to form a paper on a specific subject. An absolutely free exposition is one that an understudy acquires without expecting to pay for it. It is a model archive formed by an understudy and dispersed so different understudies can get comfortable with what a dec ent exposition resembles and does. </p> <p>The quickest and the simplest way to learn research project structure is with the help of a research paper test. A research project plot model awards you the absolute direct gander at the essentials of the articulation paper in an authentic structure. Hence, it's so essential to see how to make a layout for a research project as it will work as a system or draft to depend on. Moreover, you may need to form an explained research paper plot. </p> <p>Choosing our administration, you are going to see that examining can be straightforward on the off chance that you gain from the assistance of capable specialists. With the numerous interests that understudies have on their everyday timetables, it very well may be hard to get the chance to all the essential research and composing. Different understudies may work with a nearby composing community to find absolutely free papers that will empower them to help their work. Under grads are anticipated to convey top quality research papers that satisfy severe prerequisite as to substance and structure. </p> <h2> The Pain of Sample College Term Paper</h2> <p>There are loads of free examples on a few unique subjects, which you may survey on the web. The need to make solid contentions in the paper probably won't be as simple as non-journalists would think. Much like in books publicized on the web, just certain pieces of the paper will be uncovered. A reasonable understudy doesn't need to cover an example paper. </p>

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Essay Topics Revealed

Paper Topics RevealedHave you at any point thought about what causes individuals to compose expositions? You may ask why such a significant number of understudies compose on a point that isn't intriguing to them and you can ask yourself a similar inquiry, why are expositions composed on cloud subjects generally so boring?The issue with composing on a troublesome point is that it isn't probably going to animate idea and addressing. It additionally gives the paper essayist an inalienable bit of leeway since he will be compelled to consider a point in an unusual manner. This has been demonstrated to be particularly successful when expounding on the shrouded life of honey bees. Individuals compose expositions on this theme constantly and do as such without thinking.When composing on the concealed existence of honey bees, a great many people overlook what is extremely critical to their paper point and can't settle on discerning choices dependent on the subject. As it were, the considerati ons that will be animated when the theme is changed will be hazardous to their own article topic.What if we somehow managed to take the case of expounding on dolphins and present a dolphin in one sentence and an elephant in the following, at that point for what reason would we hope to compose an exposition about the life of dolphins, instead of the life of an elephant? Humankind, which has advanced at such an enormous rate in the course of the most recent a few centuries, is innate to such an extent that it is staggeringly hard to change the human considerations that are imbued in the qualities of the human race.Why would it be a good idea for anyone to try and trouble returning to the nuts and bolts of how the mind attempts to change the idea of the cerebrum? Consider it for a second; on the off chance that you can kill your cerebrum and not need to experience the inconvenience of awakening from a day that made them boast, wouldn't you appreciate that much more?It appears that a gr eat many people who address in science classes think like the principal individual story understudy they used to be, as opposed to letting the realities represent themselves to their science educators. It is an amazingly awkward procedure that will probably never happen again, on the grounds that people never move beyond the need to overwhelm others forcibly and once they have done that, they overlook that they are people and that the ideas of rationale and thinking forms are only devices that are utilized for fruitful survival.It is imperative to recollect that composition on themes like the concealed existence of honey bees will permit you to step outside of your usual range of familiarity so as to find out about obscure subjects that you are curious about. Let us face it, individuals are difficult to comprehend when they are attempting to clarify muddled subjects, however once they get into the progression of composing the exposition and having the peruser begin to peruse the pap er, they will comprehend themselves much better and no doubt the purpose of the essay.It doesn't take particularly to discover what is extremely critical to the article points, the key is to be more innovative than the normal individual is. Recollect that there is a boundless flexibly of new subjects to expound on inasmuch as individuals will let their psyches to think on them. That is the reason it is important to make a move to quit composing on points that are past their scholarly limit.

What Paper Topics For Healthcare Economics Are Best To Write

What Paper Topics For Healthcare Economics Are Best To Write?Many people are wondering what paper topics for healthcare economics would be best to write. There are so many topics to choose from, but there are also some guidelines that can help you narrow down your options. Once you start choosing what topic to write about, you'll quickly find that this is a lot of fun.The first step in choosing paper topics for healthcare topics is to find an area that interests you. You can do this by simply doing research online. Look up the topics and see if you can think of any ideas on your own. For example, did you know that the cost of prescription drugs has increased more than 400% over the last few years? Or that there is a strong correlation between health insurance and life expectancy?Once you've started brainstorming, you may be wondering what paper topics for healthcare topics would be best to write. The next step is to decide on your topic. You can do this by asking yourself questions l ike, 'What are my professional areas of expertise?' or 'What are the specific questions I'm looking to get answers to?'After you've thought through the answers to these questions, start looking at the literature to find out what kind of information is available on that topic. There are so many publications on health economics. As you continue your research, you'll find that there are a number of guides to help you get started.When you're starting to brainstorm paper topics for healthcare topics, make sure that you don't get too far ahead of yourself. Ask yourself, 'Is this topic one that I'm really interested in?' 'Is it something that I've written about before?' 'Is it something that's been covered by other people?'Choose topics that interest you because they may be more interesting than topics that you feel strongly about. You don't want to come up with topics for healthcare topics that you'll only spend time researching once. You can try to jot down notes about what you found onl ine, but if you get too far into the topic without having thoroughly considered the topic, you'll be likely to give up on it before it gets done.When you're working on paper topics for healthcare topics, it can be good to plan ahead. If you're going to be working on a large project, make sure that you have a calendar that lists down the specific papers that you need to write. For example, if you need to write three papers, make sure that you go over these papers before you head out the door for the day. This will help you ensure that you get the papers done in a timely manner.When you're writing paper topics for healthcare topics, you should be patient. You'll find that it is important to plan ahead and to prioritize the topics. You should also be prepared to work hard to get the papers done so that you can present them to your class on time.

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Writing Video Game Essay Topics

<h1>Writing Video Game Essay Topics</h1><p>Video game article points are frequently simple to follow, regardless of how complex the game's mechanics. Each game gives an alternate arrangement of rules and along these lines various difficulties, yet you can generally keep a similar organization. Keep it straightforward, and work inside the characters, settings, and ideas of the game.</p><p></p><p>These games have different character types. Every one has their own characters, characteristics, and individual objectives. Perhaps the best part of these games is the assortment of world structure that goes into each game. With the cutting edge innovation, even in a five-year-old game, you'll see minimal cut scenes of the individuals and objects of the game world.</p><p></p><p>The world structure is commonly exceptionally wide, with a story line that goes through the game, with a fundamental character to convey the plot, and af terward supporting characters that help the primary character through the story. As a rule, the auxiliary characters in the game have their own inspirations. More often than not, these players will be confounded by the way that a character or characters will appear to have their own plan to the detriment of the primary character.</p><p></p><p>The plotline can get hard to follow, particularly if the game has two characters clashing. The principle character has an intention, yet it tends to be hard to figure out what is truly going on when somebody on your side may have a ulterior thought process. There might be little proof to help it from the start, and a few players get hung up on it and wind up getting one of the scalawags in the game.</p><p></p><p>Many times the primary character needs to settle on a decision between his profession and the other character's. For this situation, you can utilize a great deal of similar ideas and recol lect that the fundamental character is searching for satisfaction in the game.</p><p></p><p>You can likewise take a ton of motivation from the game's reality. Few out of every odd game begins as a run of the mill science fiction experience, and a great deal of them have a unique plot. At any rate, ordinarily the game has the equivalent plotline as another game in the series.</p><p></p><p>Many games present an inquiry to the player, and it ought to be anything but difficult to become familiar with the responses to that questions and investigate the appropriate responses with the assistance of the game. As a rule, the response to the game's inquiry is 'yes', on the grounds that the inquiry was posed. A few answers depend on genuine inquiries and genuine circumstances, while others are made up.</p>

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The Research Papers on Ionic Compounds , Cations , and Anions K2so4 Game

<h1> The Research Papers on Ionic Compounds , Cations , and Anions K2so4 Game </h1> <p>Numerous an electron will stay equivalent to the amount of protons henceforth a particle doesn't have charge. Thus, it needs only one electron to finish its octet. Know you absolutely never make an addendum out of 1. Numerical addendums are utilized if there's more than one of a particular particle. </p> <p>Potassium is in the absolute first segment, so it will lose a solitary electron and have a net positive charge. Particles have different properties from the impartial kinds of the molecules. The particles that we've talked about so far are called monatomic particles, as it were, they are particles framed from only one molecule. </p> <p>This is to demonstrate that the addendum applies to the entire polyatomic particle. Cations are slanted to be metals, while anions tend to be non-metals. First I need to explain why cations are shaped. It is produced using cations and anions, and thusly is irrefutably a salt. </p> <p>So on the off chance that you might want to create an exacerbate that shows its components and their extents, you must compose it into an equation. The simplest name, iron chloride, will, in this occasion, be uncertain, as it doesn't recognize these 2 mixes. They contend that the typical individual devours an unnecessary measure of sodium from her or his eating regimen. </p> <p>The duty regarding the metallic particle is chosen from the recipe of the compound and the obligation regarding the anion. The anion preliminaries for chloride and sulfate wind up being sure every time a white accelerate signifiers and the ammonium preliminary ends up being certain when an ammonium scent is created. Accordingly 1 sodium cation drops one specific chloride anion prompting the recipe NaCl or NaCl. The anion tests for chloride and sulfate wind up being sure every time a white hasten structures and the ammonium test ends up being sure once an ammonium smell is made. </p> <h2> The Secret to Research Papers on Ionic Compounds, Cations, and Anions K2so4 </h2> <p>In the ionic exacerbate, the whole positive charge should be equivalent to the entire negative charge. Sadly, there's insignificant understanding which two charges a metallic particle may take, so it's best to simply remember the plausible charges a particular component can have. For the most part, molecules have the tendency to make the external shell total. In any case, we've reliably watched an incredibly cation-specific direct in our bilayer tests. </p> <p>Ionic holding is a kind of no covalent holding. It happens when there is a huge distinction in electronegativity between two iotas. Covalent holding doesn't really require the two molecules be of precisely the same components, just they are of tantamount electronegativity. In such circumstances, the resulting holding frequently requires portrayal in states of a band structure including immense atomic orbitals crossing the full precious stone. </p> <p>Moreover, the obscure compound was gotten through a progression of responses alongside what was believed to be the compound in order to contrast the responses with see if they produce the specific responses. Kuala Lumpur, that is the government capital and the greatest city in Malaysia, is likewise harrowed via air contamination issue. The obscure response has not yet been found. </p> <p>Covalent holding is a noteworthy and broad idea in science, and it'll be treated in significant detail in an ensuing section of this content. Ionic bonds are very solid, making them hard to break separated. </p> <h2> Definitions of Research Papers on Ionic Compounds, Cations, and Anions K2so4</h2> <p>It's feasible for you to discover the valence charge of a component by investigating its status in the component table. The indication of Potassium as per the component table is K. At the point when you make the absolute first component, it is like the absolute first name of the compound. The cation is given the specific name as the nonpartisan metallic atom.</p> <h2>Research Papers on Ionic Compounds, Cations, and Anions K2so4 - Is it a Scam? </h2> <p>Ionic system gives distinctive rundown types to make their utilization simple. Nuclear structure is practically identical to that of the close planetary system. The arrangement utili zed is needy upon the cation or part you're trying for. The omnipresent character of calcite can likewise cause mistaking results for this test.</p> <p>Adding surplus sodium hydroxide or smelling salts arrangement can sometimes give helpful abundance perceptions. The remainder of The accelerate was removed from the measuring glass and gauged. In the great state, since the development of particles is beyond the realm of imagination, ionic mixes don't direct power. The absence of a hasten with fluoride particles doesn't demonstrate anything in the event that you don't as of now have any acquaintance with you must have a halogen present and are simply attempting to figure out which one. </p> <p>Crystallisation systems utilizing ionic fluids are totally not the same as traditional natural solvents. Likewise note this blend of nitrogen and oxygen doesn't have any electric charge indicated, so it's not the nitrite particle. The most as often as possible happening and most mainstream instance of ionic bonds is the mix of these 2 components which produces sodium chloride, generally called the table salt. A fire test might be utilized to perceive a compound by methods for a fire. </p>

The ontological argument for the existence of God - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 7 Words: 2169 Downloads: 7 Date added: 2019/10/30 Category Religion Essay Level High school Tags: Existence of God Essay Did you like this example? The Ontological Argument for the Existence of God The ontological argument is an a priori argument. The arguments attempt to prove Gods existence from the meaning of the word God. The ontological argument was introduced by Anselm of Canterbury in his book Proslogion. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "The ontological argument for the existence of God" essay for you Create order Anselms classical argument was based on two principals and the two most involved in this is St Anselm of Canterbury as previously mentioned and Rene Descartes. The ontological argument argues that if you understand what it means to talk about God, you will see His existence is necessarily true. Anselm defined God as that than which nothing greater can be conceived, hence God must exist. Anselm also believed that evenIf He did not exist, then you could still think of an even greater being (one just like God that you said did not exist, except this one would exist). Existence must be one of Gods attributes because to remove it, you would still be able to fathom a greater God (one which does exist). The problem most have with this argument is that it seems to simply list existence among Gods attributes, rather than show it. The argument appears to say whatever you can imagine should be true in reality. Descartes claimed God exists is true, if we know what it means to talk of God. Similarly, he maintained that once we know what a triangle is we know that it must have three sides. Like a triangle inherently must have three sides, so God inherently must exist. Objections to the ontological argument were first brought up by a monk who was a contemporary of Anselm named Gaunilo. He said that according to Anselms line of reasoning, if he envisioned an island that is beautiful and sparkling and completely perfect, then it must exist. For an island that does exist would be more perfect than one that does not exist. Gaunilo said that we cannot simply define things into existence. We cannot show an island or God exists simply by analyzing that idea. The Ontological Argument, the Greek word ontology relating to being, for the existence of God uses A Priori logic and reason, based on premises that are not drawn from or dependent upon experience, to state that God must exist because he is the greatest possible being we can conceive. The Ontological Argument is also deduct ive and analytic as the premises of a deductive argument contain the conclusion that it reaches and is structured so that its conclusion is the only possible one that could be deduced from its premises. As it is analytic it is true by definition alone and therefore this argument reaches conclusions about the existence of God based on the definitions of God used in its previous premises. The basis of the ontological argument was first proposed by Anselm and later interpreted by many other philosophers such as Renà © Descartes and Norman Malcolm; however each argument only differed because each started with a different concept of God. The Ontological Argument has faced many critics that challenge the argument for not proving the existence of God and each critic highlights the flaws within this argument explaining that these flaws lead to impossible conclusions. Anselm, an Archbishop, was the first to propose the Ontological argument which was included in the second and third chapters of his book proslogion, a book written as a prayer and/or meditation to reflect on the attributes of God and not originally to prove the existence of a God. Anselm has 2 main arguments, his first defining god as that than which no greater can be conceive. By this Anselm suggests that the greatest possible being must have an existence in reality as a being that exists in reality is greate r than a being that exists in the mind, and surely that-than-which-no-greater-can-be-thought cannot exist in the mind alone. For if it exists solely in the mind, it can be thought to exist in reality also, which is greater. If a being only exists in our mind then a greater being that exists in both our mind and reality can be conceived, therefore the being that than which no greater can be conceived must exist and Anselm concludes that this being is God. Anselms second argument claims that God is eternal, unlimited, by or in time and therefore has necessary existence and is a necessary being. Anselm argues that it is better to be a necessary being than a contingent being, a being that depends on other things for its existence i.e. having a cause/end because this would ultimately limit your power. He explains that God must be a necessary being because if God exists as a contingent being we could imagine greater, therefore God would not be that than which no greater can be conceived. A being which cannot be conceived not to exist must be greater than one that can be conceived not to exist. Anselm then explai ns it would be a self contradiction to claim God does not exist because he is that than which no greater can be conceived and therefore there must be a being that so truly exists it cannot even be conceived not to exist, this form or argument being called reductio ad absurdum. Reductio ad absurdum is a method of reasoning used by Anselm in the Proslogion which aims to demonstrate the truth of something by reducing to absurdity the opposite of what is being proved, Anselm uses this method to reduce to absurdity the opposite of his conclusion, this being that God does not exist. He aims to show this is absurd by means of an argument which shows that the existence of God is logically necessary, and he cannot not exist. Renà © Descartes composed many different Ontological arguments developing them from Anselms original argument. Descartes puts forward the first premise that God is a supremely perfect being and has all perfections, his second premise is then existence is perfection and finally he concludes that God is a supremely perfect being and therefore must exist. This means that Descartes believes God to be a supremely perfect being holding all the perfections and explains if the notion of God did not include existence it would not be supremely perfect a s it would be lacking a perfection and therefore he argues that this would be unintelligible and according to his nature God must exist. Descartes argues that Gods existence can be deduced from his nature, as can geometric ideas can be deduced from shapes and he uses the example of a triangle to support this. The example of the triangle is to show that Descartes believes you cannot deny the existence of God any more than you can the angles of a triangle equalling two right angles as it is an analytic statement. A statement is analytically true if the clauses or predicates within the statement say something necessarily true of all instances of the subject and Descartes maintained existence belonged analytically to God as three angles were analytically predicated of a triangle. The Ontological argument also faces many criticisms by different philosophers for not proving the existence of God. Gaunilo was one of the first philosophers to criticize Anselms theory using his island theory. Gaunilo asked people to conceive an island more excellent than any other island and he suggest that this island according to Anselms proof must necessarily exist because an island which exists in reality would be much greater than one purely in our minds. Although Gaunilos argument does not directly highlight a flaw it does however show the same logic of Anselms argument can be applied to other non-accepted arguments. Anselm responded to this by explaining that only arguments of necessary existence can be applie d to the that than which no greater can be conceived theory and the island theory is a contingent object and therefore can always be improved therefore never reaching a state of perfection. Anselm then dismissed any criticisms that did not relate to a necessary existence. Gaunilo went on to further criticize Anselms argument by putting forward the concept that the notion of God cannot be conceived, he goes onto explain that atheists would not accept that God can be fully understood or grasped and therefore humans cannot fully conceive God. Thomas Aquinas also had this criticism suggesting that people do not know the nature of God and therefore cannot conceive, Aquinas adds the ontological argument would only be useful to someone who understands the essence of God and he does not believe any human is capable of such great understanding. Kants main criticism against the Ontological argument is that he, unlike Anselm and Descartes, does not see existence as a real predicate, Being is obviously not a real predicate. He explains that existing is no perfection, like Descartes has previously stated, because it cannot be listed in a description of anything and explains it cannot be a real predicate because existence does not add to the essence of a being. Kant questions the concept of a necessary being, he considers the example given by Descartes using the necessary proposition of a triangle having 3 angles and rejects the transfer of this logic used on the existence of God, He argues that such necessary propositions are only true if such being exists. Kant also proposes that the statement God exists must either be an analytic or synthetic statement explaining the predicate must either be inside or outside the statement. He argues that for the statement to be analytical like the argument takes it to be it can only be true because of the meaning given to the words, however if the statement is synthetic the argument would not work because the existence of God is not contained in the definition of God. David Hume also went on to criticize Anselms argument by arguing the argument was a failure because it made false assumptions about existence by saying existence was a logical concept. Hume argued existence could only ever be contingent and all statements about existence could be denied easily without contradiction. He also criticized the argument stating that humans have no clear experience of Gods existence and therefore cannot conclude Gods existence through conceiving. In my own opinion I dont believe the Ontological argument proves the existence of God. Atheists looking at this argument would struggle to understand how this proves Gods existence because a lot of Anselm and Descartes argument relies o n the assumption that God exists, and an atheist would not have this believe. The ontological argument is also an A priori argument using no evidence for concrete support and therefore relying on logic alone, this contributes to the difficulty of atheists understand how it could be true because they do not have the assumption about a God. The argument proposes the existence is entailed in the concept of God but many people argue that conceiving God is not possible and therefore his existence to cannot be possible. God exists is argued to be an analytical statement because its predicate is contained within the subject, however critics argue that being and existence is not a real predicate and therefore this statement could be a synthetic statement relying on empirical evidence for Gods existence, this relies on there being empirical evidence for the existence of God which many people including me believe that there isnt. I do not believe the Ontological argument provides the information for an atheist to understand or believe that God exists. Overall the Ontological Argument for the existence of God is both supported and criticised by many philosophers. That than which no greater can be conceived is a statement that is interpreted different by many different philosophers and many different people. Many people believe t his shows that God is a supremely perfect being and must exist whilst others will fail to understand how God can be conceived by humans because they cannot comprehend a being like God and how this would evidently lead to his existence. I believe that it isnt possible to prove the existence of God from the concept of God alone because I fail to see how something so advanced can be conceived by humans without any experience of God. The ontological argument provides different theories for the existence of God each with their strengths and weaknesses however to conclude I do not believe that the Ontological argument would convince an Atheist to believe in the existence of God because that than which no greater can be conceived may be true for some believes it is not necessarily true for others. Only if true premises lead to valid conclusions can a deductive argument be said to have fully succeeded, this cannot be said of the Ontological argument as it has flaws and many argue its premises do not lead to its conclusions. For example Anselms second predicate fails to meet the conclusion that God exists.I therefore believe that the criticisms overpower the arguments explained in the Ontological Argument for the existence of God.